The Silicon Valley C# User Group

The best place for C# developers to hang out

Welcome to the best place for C# entrepreneurs and developers to hang out in the Silicon Valley!

For now, we are a group of C# developers who like to hang out and talk about all the cool things we can do (or maybe trying to do) with C#. We will occasionally have speakers (if they have a good, non marketing oriented topic). But a lot of it is discussiong various issues, technologies, tips and tricks, etc. in the world of C# development.

We meet at Couchbase in Mountain View on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm, but it's always best to check our meetup page for last minute changes, session topics, directions, parking information, etc.

Other happenings in the local C# world:

City College of SF has added some C# courses (Database programing and others) - thanks Matt

Foothill College also has some C# courses.

Send us an email (info at with any other happenings you think we should post.